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The Emerald Sorceress is dead.

The magical land of Medora is in ruins and her people are being enslaved by the murderous rule of the Raven Wizard. Kacie Miller is a Southern California girl, and even though she works in a metaphysical book store to keep herself in board wax and CDs, she thinks magic and the paranormal is a bunch of nonsense – until she’s sucked into an antique mirror and lands in a dark alley, where she’s rescued by a mercenary who insist she’s a powerful sorceress . . . yeah right.


Kerric Rouse was born in the shadow of the Emerald Palace and raised on its legends. When a beautiful, emerald-eyed young woman hurt and disoriented is dropped in his lap, he knows immediately that she is destined to become the next Emerald Sorceress – if she lives long enough.


Together, Kerric and Kacie race across Medora, just one step ahead of the Raven Wizard, who is determined to steal Kacie”s powers and destroy her. Kacie quickly realizes her survival and Medora’s depends on her claiming magic and becoming . . .



Praise For The Stories

Fun and Funny. A roller-coaster ride from start to finish

“This book was a lot of fun the whole way through. Kacie and Kerric are a blast to follow on their adventures as Kacie figures out who she really is. Can’t wait for the sequel!” ~ Amazon Customer

“Fun, funny, fast paced. The Emerald Sorceress is an enjoyable read from start to finish.” ~ Amazon Customer


Placing a King on his throne is hard work. Even if you are the most powerful sorceress in the land. Or pretending to be, anyway…


Three months after deposing a murderous usurper, Medora’s rightful King will reclaim the throne. And the Emerald Sorceress is ready to kick back and celebrate… until the new King falls victim to a ruthless witch who demands a fabled magic stone in exchange for his life.


Magic is nothing more than a parlor trick to Thaelan Oliver… until the Emerald Sorceress invades his private sanctuary claiming he’s the next Raven Wizard. And, oh yeah, she needs his help to save the life of the King.


Together, the Emerald Sorceress and the Raven Wizard race across Medora, searching for a way to resurrect the ancient magic that will break the witch’s spell. Because the only way to save the King’s life, is to unlock the secret of…


The Dragon’s Blood

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