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There’s a legend in the town of Slover Michigan: If you spend the Summer Solstice at Rose Cottage you will find your true love
Anni Wells rented remote Rose Cottage to finish her manuscript and legends about true love won’t distract her from meeting her deadline. However, sharing the cottage with the ghost of a handsome rock musician who refuses to believe he died in 1988, just might.
After eighteen grueling months on the road, rock idol, Jesse Eric wants to spend a peaceful summer in solitude far away from screaming fans. On the other hand, sharing Rose Cottage with a delusional author who insists she’s from 2005 could be fun.
When true love is at stake time has no meaning for Rose Cottage

Praise For Stories Of Rose Cottage


Mason Jars and Men With Guitars


“Sweey, funny, quirky time travel romance. I laughed out loud quite a few times. A great, uplifting read! Highly recommended.” ~ Amazon Customer


“While actual time travel is not possible (well, not that I’m aware) I felt like I fit in with the story. I “knew” each character.

Don’t sip to the end to see what happens, although it’s tempting.” ~ Amazon Customer

In 1988, Rose Cottage bridged the gap of time to bring two special hearts together on the Summer Solstice. Seven years later, that loving union is threatened. Once again, “Rosie” unites magical forces with the Summer Solstice and reaches eighty years into the future for the one who can save their past.

Jessie Graham is transported back to her great-grandparents’ era and given the task of saving her family from oblivion. With fiery copper hair and an attitude to match, Jessie willingly throws herself into saving Rose Cottage and her family, all the while trying to resist the siren’s song of the Renegade musician she fell in love with as an 8×10 glossy on her childhood bedroom wall.

Can Jessie secure their future before her family vanishes For All time.

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