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 Devon Starr is the name.  Happily Ever After is the game.

When a magical mishap causes the wish board at Godmother HQ to over-load with wishes, Devon Starr chooses one last high profile crusade to bring a widowed Prince Charming and a modern-day Cinderella their second chance at a Happily Ever After, before she puts away her magick wand forever.


Piece of cake, right? Not so fast. Because what’s a faerie tale without a reluctant prince who doesn’t believe in second chances, a big bad wolf who devours faerie wings for snacks and a shining knight in the guise of a godfather who insists he’s her Happily Ever After? All three are getting under foot, in her way and muddling her plans.


Now Devon doesn’t know if her greatest case will end in a blaze of glory or go down in a ball of flames.


Some days a girl should just stay home and play with her pet dragon.

Praise For Once Upon A Star.


Cleaver, Funny, Magical. Love This Fae Book


“Once Upon A Star is one of those books you hate to finish. It’s funny, creative and admit it, if you dare, who hasn’t at some point dreamed of their happily ever after. I for one, would like a faerie godmother in the real world!” ~ Amazon Customer


“This story has engaging characters who are easy to identify with and a strong story-line that draws you into it and compels you to keep reading. It’s a fun-loving story with some seriously laugh-out-loud moments. But it isn’t just a comedy. I recommend it to those who like romantic fantasy and those who love fae lore” ~ Amazon Customer

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